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Our team consists of brilliant executives, each with a varied background in business, government, strategic communication, journalism, and digital specialists. Due to our seamless delivery, we are happy to serve the client of different industries and tackle their challenges hand in hand. 

Dialogue Public Relations Agency

Enabling brands to a significant dialogue

We believe any business shall embark from this starting point before it rockets to the sky. Dialogue helps a brand talk to the public, consumer, and related stakeholders. Dialogue helps a brand listen to what the world expects from them. Dialogue helps your audience see the best in you. Dialogue is an enabler for a brand to begin a dialogue with the world.



Sekarini Seruni

  • Sekarini Seruni

Managing Director

Starting her career as an intern and expanded her role as an investment marketing and sales governance manager at Citibank Indonesia, Seruni succeeds in managing the issuance of new government bonds in the primary market and several Mutual Funds including assisting in driving sales, product training and end to end operational process.


In the last three years, Seruni is focusing her career in marketing and communication campaigns for both B2B and B2C areas at DBS Bank Indonesia. Moreover, to enhance her knowledge of the digital marketing space, she finished Google Square Online, a digital marketing leadership course. With over eight years of experience working in the finance industry, Seruni brings youth generation to the next level with DBS Young Economist Stand Up in 2017, a speech competition in popularising DBS Group Research as a credible economic source. 

Her passion for marketing communications and digital marketing will not only enhance the communications campaign but also bring delight to the latest PR trends. 

If your stories are all about your products and services, that’s not storytelling. It’s a brochure. Give yourself permission to make the story bigger.

Jay Baer


Iko Uwais

Actor & Founder of Thunder 11

Working with Seruni and Triyo, and Dialogue team has always been an exciting experience for me. We have been working together ever since we established the idea to build the brand of the martial arts center for surrounding communities. Up to now, we have gained more students and people talking about our accomplishments.


They consistently show positive and energetic behavior to help client’s business. This completes their ability to deliver strong strategy and insights, both business and communications, that suits our goal. They also have the ability to bring ideas to life and manage the dynamics throughout the process.