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Strategic Media Relations

Introducing Telkom’s latest innovation to support the digital edutainment industry

The digital economy is predicted to grow four times bigger in 2025. Technology is part of our everyday lifestyle, people consume hundreds of content and information through digital applications on a daily basis. Many new digital start-ups invented various apps for games, music, video content, and other entertainment services, making the market grow more competitively and at the same time gaining high-profit income. As a prominent player in this industry, Telkom Group realized that they need public relations efforts in strengthening their position in the market amongst other new players. In April 2019, Telkom Group held their annual event “Telkom Digisummit”, a one-day digital product exhibition and conference involving Telkom Group subsidiary companies, experts, communities, and policymakers. This event was an opportunity to launch Telkom four new innovations at once, there were Oolean (initiative for gaming industry), GameQoo (gaming-on-demand platform) Oona (video content), and Indibox (a smart TV converter). 



As the appointed public relations agency for the summit, Dialogue came up with a narrative, that Telkom Group brought the mission to support the digital industry ecosystem in Indonesia through the launch of their new product. Not only building the ecosystem, but we also pulled Telkom Group's mission in improving individual talents by organizing a conference hosted by many experts through a notion “edutainment”. Dialogue utilized this key message through a press release, which was widely picked up by media. In the event, Dialogue managed to have more than 50 media attendees. The coverage results were also massive, there were up to 70 articles published by media from various desks, from general, business, to technology media.

Building influencers relations with media

with Dialogue Communications

By 2017, the Dewan Pers (Press Council) estimated that the number of media in Indonesia reached 47,000 outlets. Of these, as many as 2,000 are print media, 1,166 radios, 674 televisions, and 43,300 online media. With a significant number of publications, corporate or brand need to strategize their media relations tactics to tell an organization’s story. Dialogue has had numerous experiences in the process of figuring out a message and distributing it to the right media sources so that you can reach the client's target market.