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Switching the entertainer image of Iko Uwais as a sports entrepreneurs 

Iko Uwais has been known as an Indonesian martial arts actor with a long line of the prestigious movie both on the national and global scale. However, the actor is now trying to expand his career as a businessman through the development of a martial arts center called Thunder 11. Thunder 11 was founded along with the support of his partners. The purpose of this center is to provide access for the Indonesian public with self-defense training as well as to discover and build more martial arts talent in Indonesia. Dialogue position in Thunder 11 is quite unique whereas we are trusted to become not only their PR partners but also the business advisor that provide them from marketing to fundraising strategy. Utilizing Dialogue channel to a potential partner that can connect them to investors, Thunder 11 has become a client that trusts their reputation as well as business continuity with new public relations agency, Dialogue Communications. 


One of the most prominent projects that Dialogue has been conducted was the opening of Thunder 11 very first martial art center in Bekasi. Thunder 11 along with Dialogue is also developing several pilot projects which all are design to position IkoUwaisas the key figure in Indonesia’s martial art industry. The effort to switch the strong image of an entertainer is sure to take a long haul in the process. To pursue this goal, Dialogue starting with the development of strong key messages on how Ikohas always have the dream to expand his career path and to help more people to reach their dreams in becoming talents through martial arts. These messages slowly penetrated in every story angle we tried to disseminate to the media. The work is still on progress and yet already shows progressive results.

Dealing with industry change for business

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Today, there is no longer a wall between internal and external audiences. As the business strategy is developed, the corporate affairs team must ensure the organization’s direction and actions are clear, consistent and accurately represent the organization's ethos.


Using this 360-degree perspective, Dialogue is uniquely capable of contributing analyses of both macro and micro trends. This, in turn, enables them to devise strategies that connect their companies’ actions and messages with a diverse, ever-expanding and increasingly vocal set of stakeholders.

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