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When you have reached rock bottom, there is no other place but up! 

Through a ‘Reverberate’ Program, Dialogue Communications is here to be your closest partner in communicating your business shifts to the audience. Our agility of handling startups clients has sharpened our strategic move to achieve a greater result. With Reverberate, we also understand that you need to decide on how far to flex the resources without damage to productivity. That is why ‘Reverberate’ is designed as a distinctive program for the companies that are ready to rebound the venture with the ‘new normal’.

We're in the deep freeze

In just a few months, we see drastic changes due to COVID-19 which have put the economy in a deep freeze. Many companies are struggled in battling the COVID-19 even for small businesses. A sector that was proven to be resilient during a few economic crises also making the brutal choice such as salaries cut-offs or employee lay-offs, in order to win the battle. Few of them are waving the white flag.  

The tech giant is also inevitably impacted by the magnitude of this crisis. They are bracing for similar bigger changes to come particularly in hard-hit industries. 

In the aftermath of 'death of proximity'

In such unprecedented times as these, an immediate pivoting is what has left in the table. However, shifting the company’s direction and strategy may sound like the next best thing in this unprecedented case. Ever since the 'Death of Proximity' has occurred through the physical distancing, consumer behavior is not what it remains before the COVID-19.


It gets worst when ‘infodemic’ of misinformation and cyber-crime flooding the consumer screen during the time of physical distancing. It somehow may lead the consumer to no longer embedding your brand in their routines.

Hence, reverberate after rebound

Communication plays a pivotal role and should not be overlooked or understated by any leaders. Continuous communication brings the value to generate more stakeholder buy-in, and in some cases shareholder support after you ignite the plan to rebound. 


Hence, you need to consistently drive the conversation to reimagine your business venture since 'business as usual' is no longer existed following COVID-19. If you weren’t entirely prepared for COVID-19, you’re not alone. But the positive state-of-mind to prepare for the rebound may help to sustain your business continuity. One way or the other, every leader needs to consider a collaboration. 

How is the Reverberate

support your venture's rebound?

50% OFF


* The program is limited to 5 (five) ventures

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