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Building impact through technology adoption for Indonesian micro enterprises

Qasir is committed to building not only a cashier app for Indonesian micro-enterprise but also to create a strong ecosystem for small businesses to catch up with recent technology changes and meet customer demand, in a quicker, safer and simple way.


The company started its public relations journey with Dialogue Communications by meticulously crafts the message pillars for its leaders. Knowing that both founder and co-founder have to stay relevant along with their newly appointed CEO, Qasir is now managed to maintain a balanced appearance for its – not one – but three key spokespeople. Also, developing the story of a startup company can be challenging should we only rely on the business or company update.


Dialogue is then created a full-set of an editorial plan for a one-year-long where the story guidelines can help the company to prepare and sharpen its best narrative. As a result, the company is now be recognized as the platform that helps micro and small  business to scale up their venture for a wider customer and a good revenue opportunity



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