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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to Maximise PR Role

Press release, press conference, and media interview are some of the work that is close to public relations role and responsibility. However, as we step into the inter-connected world, brands need to also maximising their digital platforms through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In line with the purpose of PR activities, the role of SEO is very crucial in supporting the effort to gain and increase the public trust and the credibility of a particular company. However, as the race of content creation and competition is getting faster, it is important for the Internal PR Team or PR agency to also look after the use of SEO. A digital marketing expert, Steve Conway, shared at least three main keys in maximising the role of PR and SEO.

The first is to establish a business site or website. No matter the size of the business, website will be very helpful in building the venture’s credibility before the public eyes. Moreover, people are much more reliance towards the internet connection in finding out about products or services that they need. The role of PR and SEO is needed in order to manage and maintain a good relationship with the third party website so that the website can create and introduce a better experience for website visitors and show relevant contents according to the customer’s need. More than these strategies, PR consultants can also help with the optimum way of creating a fitting photo, realistic and unexaggerated script, and cache that can put the rank and the position up front and on the top of the online search engine.

Creating a brand or name that is immediately recognisable by the people is also important in supporting the improvement of the website. There are various and competitive races that are related to the credibility of a brand in the online world and platform. Therefore, the main key word for the strategy is collaboration of the PR role and SEO that supports brand reputation so that brand is recognisable and the public trust as targeted audience is created. There are several things need to be taken into account; the name of the brand, logo, and the content that is relevant to the consumer’s needs.

There are also some things to consider in creating a content. The most important part is to ideally choose the content type and the targeted audience by adjusting it to the audience’ location. This is to ensure that the content could strengthen the marketing strategy and to support the trust towards the brand.

However, the success of the content that is exposed to the public also requires the quality and the good distribution strategy. Moving on to the third point, the OR and SEO team should work in collaboration to build a relevant topic for the business and the people’s needs. This approach also need to be supported by the choice of keywords into the content like in a title or hashtags to maximise content.

Through the collaboration by PR practitioner and the support from SEO team, it would be helpful for brands to step up more than just another competitor. As the internet users in Indonesia is up to 175.4 million according to Wearesocial by January 2020, it shows the increase of opportunities to get closer with the public and to support the potential success of a venture through online platforms.

Written by: Bela Dienna

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