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Maximising PR Activation Through Digital PR

Digital Public Relations (PR) are inseparable from the convensional PR these days. Although they are different in practicality, the aim are principally the same which is to increase the public awareness and knowledge of one particular brand or figure. Both approaches can complement each other in expanding wider audience by collaborating with social media influencers to increase brand or individual exposure in the online world.

With different practicalities, there are challenges in implementing digital PR. The PR practitioners and consultants need to reestablish relations with social media influencers as well as media partners, and other stakeholders. This relationship needs to be built on sincere solid foundation, not just for professional requirement. This is to help the practitioners to gain wider exposure and deeper more organic attachment for the brands.

After establishing a relationship with the influencers, the PR practitioners need to determine the targeted audience. This is because every influencer has their own audience groups. Therefore, it is important to adjust the targeted audience that we wish to reach in accordance to the type of influencers that we will ask to collaborate.

We shouldn’t just solely be focusing on the figure of the influencers that we are going to engage, but we need to consider who are the audience attached to this influencer so we can maximise the message delivery to the right audience.

A content is also a crucial thing to make compatible in sending messages to the audience. These messages need to be wrapped around the content that is suitable to the taste and values of the targeted audience so they can get a deeper and more specific understanding. With this in mind, a brand or and individual could also institute a strong memorable presence in the society, not just strengthening the messages.

To create a more optimum result, PR practitioners are able to utilise data in designing digital PR. Data can be used as one of the foundational and digital PR activation and planning in determining targeted audience, influencers, platforms, and key performance indicators (KPI) that are wished to achieve. The form of the data can be made suitable to by-needs basis. For example, site visit statistics or engagement level of the influencers with the public.

In activating digital PR, a good planning in advance is important to set in reaching the most optimum results, whether in terms of audience quantity or substantially in terms of the messages that will be delivered. These PR practitioners need to also adjust their PR practicality into digital form and to adapt with the latest trend and development in each digital platform in order to design effective content and campaign.

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Every business owner surely has a rule-of-thumb when doing their daily operational business. Yet, having a go-to plan is not always work, especially when you are facing a great storm. As public relations agency, we are keen to promote flexibility partnership with our clients as we are for sure understand how tough it is to build and sustain the ship. While you are enjoying our write-up, do let us know should you need further discussion on how to rejuvenate the communications strategy when the rainbow comes at last.

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