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Featured Profile on Telum Media

We are content to have a talk with Telum Media about our background and vision in the public relations field. Here's the interview transcript published on Telum Media.

What services does the agency offer?

As a PR agency that promotes creative execution in every PR campaign, we help clients develop communication campaign strategies that best suit their audience. In addition to strategy - we offer a range of services to support execution, including personal and employer branding, content development, digital PR, creative design, influencer engagement, brand advocacy, event management, media training, media monitoring, community engagement and social media management.

Where does your agency have offices?

We are based in Jakarta with partners located in Singapore and several other markets in SEA. During COVID-19, we implemented WFH and WFO policies following the current guidance.

Do you have a particular area of focus?

We particularly focus on public relations services; media relations; and content creation for social media campaigns. We pride ourselves as experts in developing client's businesses particularly emerging startups. We aim to carry out communication campaigns to bring start-ups to skyrocketing growth, be it through market expansion, stakeholder awareness, or fundraising. We are also heavily involved in the banking and investment sectors, as some of our teams have strong backgrounds in those industries.

Who are the founders and why did they start the agency?

We have two founders - Sekarini Seruni and Triyo Saputra. Seruni was a banker and a digital branding expert; Triyo is a creative mind that has devoted himself to public relations for years.

The main obstacle they faced while working in prior companies was that agencies and clients often found difficulties in syncing their objectives. They wanted to set up an agile strategic communications agency that agrees on objectives in discussion with the client in order to craft tailor-made approaches, before launching any initiatives. After a dialogue with the client, we then bring the dialogue to their stakeholders because we believe that “a dialogue leads to connection, which leads to trust which leads to engagement” (Seth Godin)

Tell us about the leadership team?

As a PR Agency startup, we apply lean management principles. With this principle, we can provide the best service with agility and flexibility. Our managers and directors participate in every client’s process undertaken by the team - not just winning their business. We also believe that everyone has an equal opportunity to become leaders regardless of their gender and age.

Apart from leadership within the organisation, we are blessed by having advisors and partners who help us sharpen our instincts in the communications sector and related industries. In communication and PR, Agung Laksamana, as the Chairman of PERHUMAS (Public Relations Association of Indonesia) and Indah Soepraba, who have been familiar with journalism and PR for more than 20 years, helped us understand the potential opportunities and threats related to communication practices and trends.

We are the official communications partner for the Indonesian Venture Capital and Startup Association (AMVESINDO).

The partnership with AMVESINDO allows us to expand our knowledge and expertise, particularly in projecting the behaviour of new startups, understanding demand, and what investors are looking for in new ventures. Finally, we are supported by several partners who are experts in various industries.

What is next for your agency? What is the five-year goal?

We've learned so much from the pandemic. Mainly on how companies and brands are reacting to it and on how they see our service. In the next five years, we aspire to become a one-stop communications service both offline and online through innovation and technology.

In a sentence, describe your ideal relationship with a journalist?

A healthy two-way communication that brings value for both professional and personal interest.

Tell us about a campaign you are currently working on or are particularly proud of?

We are now working on a campaign to stop the rise in child smokers' by raising awareness with adults. It is challenging as we need to make sure that our messages are delivered seamlessly to multiple audiences. To achieve that, we invite all parties to play a role in overcoming this problem collectively. Apart from campaigning through traditional media, we also reach out to several other stakeholders such as the community, government, and even influencers.

Any key PR trends your agency is keeping an eye on?

We are very interested in how AI can help our role through various leveraged technologies. We are very open to collaborating with anyone on this matter.

What skill sets do you look for in new hires?

Someone that is fun, energetic personality that is open to exploring new ideas and has a good eye on current trends.

Telum is an APAC-based, APAC-focused media engagement platform. Our teams provide on the ground insights across the region. Telum Media is a Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia & Australia registered company founded in 2013 by former PR & journalism professionals who saw the need for a comprehensive media database in the Asia Pacific region.

Getting closer to your customer is important, but letting them get a taste of the experience to learn your brand, is beyond greatness. We believe that as customers, could grow accustomed to a certain loyalty toward brands. That at least can be proven on my long lists of personal hygiene brands in my bathroom, or basic staple foods in my kitchen! The key is to enable your brand to speak wisdom and communications may boost the significance even bigger. As public relations agency, we understand the situation you are going through. You may check on our portfolio kickstart the branding and communications strategy within the new normal.