KADET 1947

Movie Publicity

KADET 1947: A heroic tale of youth that brought fresh air to the Indonesian cinema scene post-pandemic

After completing the shooting process that had been halted for a couple months due to the pandemic, this year Temata Pictures is ready to release Kadet 1947. The movie narrates about heroism and patriotism of a group of air force cadets during the first Dutch’s Military Aggression in Indonesia.


As part of the public relations initiation to support the upcoming release, Dialogue Communications closely organized an on-going promotions through Indonesian news outlets. The activity is aim to gather wide audience interest and media exposure, through news article construction regarding the synopsis, shooting process as well as the involving actors.


Despite the critical challenge of COVID-19 that puts the movie industry into months of hiatus, the movie has received a commencement of warm responses from the moviegoers who have been waiting for Kadet 1947 release in 2021. 



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