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Introducing key figures behind the emerging independent investment advisory company in Indonesia 

The regulation that cemented the existence of an independent investment advisory business in Indonesia existed since 1996. However, the presence of its business remains low. Jagartha Advisors appointed Dialogue Communications as their public relations agency as well as strategic communication partner to ensure the presence of its business grasps enormous stakeholders' attention as well as the media. To pursue those goals, we need to ensure that Jagartha has secured its position among the industry. One of the key initiatives is to start introducing the key players that orchestrated the whole business.



We came up with the initial strategy of personal branding, introducing both the Founder and Co-founder simultaneously with a different story angle that suits their best expertise. However, during the personal branding process, we are always keeping our clients aware that developing a great personal brand doesn’t happen overnight. It's imperative to be able to communicate their purpose and mission to your audience in a genuine way. 



Stepping up the personal branding game, we are then moving to develop a more specific article with unique topics that utilizes Jagartha strengths. The results were as expected where Jagartha now is not only known as its service but also independent positioning as investment advisors. The organic results are also felt by the CEO of Jagartha Advisors FX Iwan, where he is then often invited to speaking opportunities in broadcast media or expert thought leaders in investment articles in for many media outlets. Jagartha Advisors is one of our retainer-based clients which proves the importance of sustainable story development with reliable insights in each layer of content. 



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Establishing and cultivating a professional persona is well worth the time and effort it takes, and it’s less time consuming than you may think. Strong public relations and social media strategy helps you to establish your reputation, earn trust and respect from your peers and initiate and solidify relationships that help to grow your business and your career. Our experience of building thought leadership is ranging from financial to show business.

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