B2B Public Relations

Eyeing broader B2B leads through story telling the enterpise-focus products 

Jabra has two main businesses in Indonesia. The B2B business is now eyeing more lead generations and aim for more extensive coverage and product awareness toward Indonesia's professional and decision-makers, especially with the educational and government institutions.


However, the challenge lies when the general audiences are mostly exposed to the visually more appealing consumer-product, with sophisticated entertainment features. The strategy is to create an attractive POV through storytelling, making Jabra's B2B products yield their urgency to the market. 



Set up your brand for

the game

with Dialogue Communications

As a fundamental and complex part of a company's marketing efforts, the function is aimed to deploy all the messages to the market by activating media and other relevant channels. Dialogue helps in the creating and providing the required impetus to the brand awareness in an indirect manner as the strategy and the creative artworks of the marketing communication starts with leveraging on the strong legacy of the brand followed by the features and unique selling propositions of the products and services.