Article Development & Media Pitch

EVOS e-Sports appears more prospective after nailing the new investment round from global investors

Following the tremendous achievement from EVOS, Dialogue was appointed as their PR partner in disseminating the story of the company, which bagged the US$12 Million fundraise in 2020.


Though EVOS and the fundraising event were conducted abroad and there was quite a considerably huge gap timeline, Dialogue managed to revamp the story to attract the national media attention in Indonesia.


The story pitch generated fifty news coverage with a total news value of IDR 2.4 Billion.



Building influencers relations with media

with Dialogue Communications

By 2017, the Dewan Pers (Press Council) estimated that the number of media in Indonesia reached 47,000 outlets. Of these, as many as 2,000 are print media, 1,166 radios, 674 televisions, and 43,300 online media. With a significant number of publications, corporate or brand need to strategize their media relations tactics to tell an organization’s story. Dialogue has had numerous experiences in the process of figuring out a message and distributing it to the right media sources so that you can reach the client's target market.