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Securing Bareksa Prioritas position among the niche market of Indonesia’s high net-worth individuals

In 2018,, a leading mutual fund marketplace in Indonesia teamed up with an independent investment advisory company Jagartha Advisors to built a premium segment investment product for high net-worth investors called Bareksa Prioritas. Bareksa Prioritas was designed to answer the needs of wealthy investors in Indonesia through a unique combination between financial technology features and strong independent advisory from experienced advisors with more than 10 years’ experience in the finance, banking, and investment sector. Dialogue Communications was appointed as its public relations agency on a retainer basis to provide the company with strategic communication and public relations initiatives.



One of the latest projects Dialogue conducted was the opening of Bareksa Prioritas first branch office in Medan, North Sumatra. Challenges within the initiatives were mostly coming from the target market that is already embedded with the convenience of conventional financial institutions. Introducing the alternative of investment instrument through a digital platform turns out to become a challenge for advisors. Hence, Dialogue is then trying to work on several story pillars that focus on the benefit of a digital platform, along with the success stories with a subtle touch of soft-selling the company’s expertise. This approach was getting a good result of media pick-up, especially in the local media. However, when it comes to a new business player, the challenges could not overcome in one night. It took effort and the combination of strong public relations and the persistent promotional effort from the company as well. The strategic communication initiatives do not only work for the company position among the media and public perception but also the reputation within the industry.


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As a fundamental and complex part of a company's marketing efforts, the function is aimed to deploy all the messages to the market by activating media and other relevant channels. Dialogue helps in the creating and providing the required impetus to the brand awareness in an indirect manner as the strategy and the creative artworks of the marketing communication starts with leveraging on the strong legacy of the brand followed by the features and unique selling propositions of the products and services.