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Accommodating funding access to Indonesia's small-medium enterprise with a benevolent sharia-based peer-to-peer lending

ALAMI is a Sharia-based financial aggregator and peer-to-peer lending provider, a platform to connect people/institutions to be a funder and business to get funding. ALAMI was built right in the rapid growth of financial technology companies when businesses were competing with each other in providing the best financial product that offers ease and security at the same time. Since there has been a lot of illegal P2P lending providing operators, resulting in a reputation crisis of peer-to-peer lending company in general, all eyes are on us: regulator, investor, entrepreneur, and public. Hence as a new player who applies sharia-based business models amongst other conventional businesses, it takes a considerable effort for ALAMI to build the company’s credibility and develop people understanding toward the sharia-based product. 



Dialogue has been in ALAMI journey since its very first stages. As a public relations agency for startups, we designed a series of public relations initiatives, starting from building the founder’s branding to developing a positive angle for the company within time to time. In gaining public trust, we believe the people who are behind the business should take the chances to be visible in public, allowing the audience to associate their expertise with the business they founded. Therefore we built CEO ALAMI - Dima Djani’s credibility as a sharia business expert through article dissemination to media and media profiling opportunity. Meanwhile, when it comes to the business, Dialogue is committed to building ALAMI reputation as an enabler for Indonesian small-medium enterprises to grow their business through a sharia-based finance product. 



While public and media understanding of the sharia finance industry is still minimal, ALAMI unlocks this opportunity to be a credible institution to speak about this industry, accordingly at the same time raising public understanding about it. In 2018 and 2019, Dialogue has managed to secure ALAMI publication in top tier media. On another bigger scale, through these PR efforts, we aim to strengthen ALAMI positive reputation towards the regulator and investor’s perception.

From nothing into something

with Dialogue Communications

Communication function is something that is developed once a corporation reaches a certain growth. For startups, communications play a large part in the formation of the startup itself. Nowadays there seems to be a gap between communication professionals, employees, freelancers, agencies and startups. There is plenty of communication maestros who are willing to help startups but do not know the intricacies of a startups life. Dialogue has had numerous experiences in accompanying startups from their early establishment into a series of funding.